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Not your average Goldens

We breed and train amazing dogs.

Want one?

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Everything you love and want in a companion.

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Family First

Our girl, Midge, can chill out in the truck, the house, or the boat.  She's always ready to play when it's 'go time', but she wisely uses traveling to relax. Kids can climb and hug her all they want and in turn, she loves following them around to lap up any crumbs they drop. Part of our family through and through, we don't go anywhere without our pup.

Hunting is a Close Second

Bred to work. Yes, I may have said 'family first', although please don't ask the pup, as we're not entirely sure they would agree. They love their job and are always ready to go. If you leave them home to go for a duck/pheasant/goose/grouse hunt, they will know, and you may get the side-eye when you get home. 

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Bozeman, MT


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