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Why BNC?

The name BNC Golden Retrievers originated from Dave's original Golden Retriever "Boone". Growing up he wasn't allowed to have pets....shockingly it seemed his dad was allergic to everything, including goldfish. Once in college, he and his brother (Dan) found themselves living together in Helena, Montana, still with an unscratched itch to get a dog. The Golden Retriever was at the top of the list, as they had grown up next to a great Golden. Soon, they shared a new puppy, "Boone N Crockett". 

Again, why Boone N Crockett? When the boys were born, their mother preferred biblical names while their father preferred hunting names. It seemed they were able to find a perfect compromise with Dan and Dave. Daniel for 'Daniel Boone', and David for 'Davey Crockett'. It was only fitting they named their joint pup Boone N Crockett or 'Boone' for short.

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